• Excellent service , great forwarders in Bali, used their services plenty of times. Thank you guys
    Kostas Tsonis
  • I am receiving OM Bali services since 2004, at least twice per year.The best cargo service ever. They are good advisers too. Helped me a lot. My business and my interests in Bali are protected by OM Bali cargo.Never missed a penny from my purchases. Even with any problematic supplier, they always collect my goods or my money.Thank you Sakis, Sumi, Yudith and all the staff.
  • Ombali cargo keep me a peace of mind . working many years in bali with om bali cargo. Great service , packing and handling great as well. Communication thought doing business in Europe. Bast forwarder in bali.
    Stepavos Katoyaov
  • I have been using OM BALI CARGO for the past 15 years. Our success depends on receiving imports on a timely manner. Whether the shipments have been small or large, they have never failed to provide me with an excellent and prompt service. Their staff are thorough and very pleasant to work with, even in the most challenging of shipments. For excellent results I wouldn'the hesitate to recommend OM BALI CARGO. They are always there to meet my requirements.
    Anastasios Pomonis
  • Professional. the best cargo in balli. Great and friendly staff. We work together 6 years everything perfect
    Nafsika Kokkota
  • Excellent service , great forwarders in Bali, used their services plenty of times. Thank you guys
    Kostas Tsonis
  • Ombali cargo is the best freight forwarder in bali ,, packing , handling , documents comunication and all the team are great job. Working with ombali cargo many years and i feel satisfaction... Tnks to all ombali cargo team
    Ioannis Sergakis
  • We have worked with OM BALI CARGO for many years and would never consider anywhere else for the shipping of our goods. They are on the ball and totally respectful, professional and careful with the handling, collection, packaging and shipping of our goods. A pleasure to do buisness with.
    Justine Anton
  • Working with ombali cargo we always having peace of mind.packing and handling our goods very gentle and profesional way.thanks to ombali team
    Soto Bebek
  • Working with Om cargo is a pleasant experience ! You can be sure that the job will be done properly... Best cargo in Bali, use it, in order to avoid headaches!
    Adonis Mantaras

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